State-ly reputations

September 02, 2013

State-ly reputations

Colorful USA map with states and capital citiesBeing that it is Labor Day and all the United States are enjoying the holiday where we honor the achievements of working Americans, I thought I’d post about a survey on the reputation of the individual states in America. According to its citizens in a survey done for BusinessInsider with SurveyMonkey, see the results below. It is a fun read when it comes to stately reputation.
Massachusetts has the weirdest accent. Trailing close behind are Louisiana, Alabama, Minnesota, New York and New Jersey.

New York scored around 20% of the vote for best food. California and Louisiana get honorable mentions. Alaska was voted as having the worst

Besides their own state, people had the highest opinion of California. Colorado is also popular. The least favorite state: Texas.

California is also perceived as the “craziest” state with the “hottest” residents.

Colorado has seen as having the most beautiful scenery in the country, followed closely by Hawaii. Honorable mentions to Alaska, Montana and California. Kansas was voted as having the worst scenery and New Jersey also got a few votes here (shows how hard it is to lose a reputation that has been ongoing for years).

Louisiana was seen as the drunkest of the states.

People love to vacation in Hawaii, Florida, and California.

New York is the most arrogant and no surprise, considered the rudest.

Georgia is the nicest, followed by Minnesota.

Massachusetts is the smartest (maybe because Harvard is there?) and Mississippi is the dumbest.

New York is the home of the best sports fans. And also the worst sports fans.

Americans seem to believe that Oregon, Alaska and Maine are the most underrated. On the flip side, the most overrated states are the ones you’d expect — California, New York, Florida and Texas.

I wish they had asked in which state you get the best barbecue since that’s what most Americans are doing today!  Enjoy labor day!

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Leslie Gaines-Ross
Leslie Gaines-Ross

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