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04 Mar Reputation Repair for the Church

Bill Keller wrote this fascinating piece in The New York Times about how the Catholic Church could repair its reputation. As he points out, the Church operates just like a business with more than one million workers, one billion or more customers, more outlets than Starbucks,...

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25 Apr Reputation Repair in a Jiffy

As a follower of reputation and builder (I like to think) of the importance of reputation in the world of business, I come across new sites on the topic all the time. A site called Reputation Repair Services caught my eye.  If it were only...

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12 Sep Rebuilding Reputation at UBS

    UBS' CEO Oswald Grubel issued this statement to all employees on Tuesday September 8th. It appeared in the Wall Street Journal. As Grubel works hard to repair UBS' reputation after the many challenges facing the bank, he provided this communications update on the positive...

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