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01 May Reputation damage tops the lists of fears

The Global Risk Management Survey by AON is out for 2015. I always look forward to learning what is keeping 1,400 global risk management professionals up at night. This year, damage to reputation/brand is number one, having moved up from number four one year earlier. The...

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02 Sep High cost of reputation loss in China

Reputation loss is everywhere. Just saw this article about reputational issues in China and the importance of building trust in products and services and providing a foundation built on social responsibility. "According to official data, corporate trust failures in China are causing economic losses of...

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24 Sep Reputation forgery

Fake commentary. This weekend I received constant fake commentary to my blog -- every minute. I deleted over 1000 or more in the end. I just could not believe that anyone cares enough to assault my blog like that but apparently wordpress has been having these...

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01 Jul Employees as activists

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300.0"] chip_starnes_china_t300[/caption]The news story about the CEO held hostage in China    by employees has me thinking about the potential next new uprising -- employees. We've seen leaderless  revolutions spring up everywhere around the world recently but we have not...

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13 Jan Rolling Reputations

I could tell that it must have been the one year anniversary of the Costa Concordia because I started hearing about the shipliner crash in the past few days.  Reputations keep rolling along throughout the year but especially hit home one year later. Whereas they...

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