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13 Feb How the Public’s Vote Counts in CEO Reputation

The Reputation Institute (RI) has built an entire franchise around how the reputation of the world's largest companies are perceived by consumers around the world. When RI was asked to take a look at the CEOs ranked by Harvard Business Review for providing the greatest contribution to...

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22 Oct Repairing trust and reputation

I wanted to read the chapter in Trust Inc. by Linda Locke on "Trust, Emotion and Corporate Reputation." I bought the book because Barbara Brooks Kimmel has done such a terrific job building Trust Across America-Trust Around the World, an organization focused on the fundamental...

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26 May Reputation and private equity join up

Interesting news came across my alerts yesterday. A private equity company, Catalyst Investors, made a minority equity investment in Reputation Institute.  This news caused a friend of mine, Bruce Rogers, who is the chief insights officer for Forbes and columnist on thought leadership to write, "Reputation management...

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07 Jul Reputation news for a saturday

Caught up on some reading this week. Lucky me. One study comes from Echo Research and Reputation Dividend. They found that corporate reputations contribute to a total of $3.2 TRILLION to market cap in the S&P 500. Big number. Reputation Institute released a new global survey report...

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08 Jun CEOs, CMOs, COS and HIPPOS

Every week I think nothing new is happening in the world of reputation. And I am always wrong. There are always CEOs coming and going, companies that get into trouble and lose reputation points and new things to learn. That’s the best part. Here’s a...

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05 Apr Who they are, not only what they make

Reputation Institute came out this week with their RepTrak Pulse survey for the US. It measures the reputation of 150 largest US public companies among consumers.  In addition to the usual who's up and who's down, RI reveals some interesting stats that confirm our research...

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