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07 Dec Reputation-Building for Women via the Podium

How do women build reputations that get them to the top? What's the secret sauce or what's the recipe for getting there? (Enjoyed using those cooking metaphors). On a near annual basis, we investigate top conferences for CEOs and other senior executives. For this year’s...

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23 Apr Ranked Nation

          I think about rankings and scorecards all the time. Afterall, I cut my teeth on Fortune's Most Admired Companies years back.  At the time, there were not many competing scorecards. And, afterall,  today we have an active rankings practice at Weber Shandwick that we...

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07 Mar Best Companies to Work For — Some Insights

As reputation watchers, we are always watching the big barometers of reputation such as Fortune World's Most Admired Companies and its sister, Fortune's Best Companies to Work For (BCTWF).  Below is an analysis and comparison of data points examined on the Fortune Best Companies to...

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