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07 Sep Innovation in reputation

            I was delighted to learn yesterday that The Holmes Report included me in its list of 25 Top PR Innovators. This new listing, the In2 Innovator 25, calls attention to the importance of innovation and ideas in the public relations field.   The 25 of us...

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04 Mar Reputation Repair for the Church

Bill Keller wrote this fascinating piece in The New York Times about how the Catholic Church could repair its reputation. As he points out, the Church operates just like a business with more than one million workers, one billion or more customers, more outlets than Starbucks,...

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16 Mar CEO as PR Expert Needed

Job descriptions for leaders today have to begin including public relations expertise. Just looking at this week's headlines convinced me that CEOs have to be PR crisis experts to be qualified for the job. I was thinking about this when I read the oped in The New York Times from...

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09 Jun My Thoughts on McKinsey’s Rebuilding Corporate Reputations

Where do I start?  Several people sent me a copy of the recent McKinsey Quarterly article on Rebuilding Corporate Reputations.  Its sub-headline read, “A perfect storm has hit the standing of big business. Companies must step up their reputation-management efforts in response.”  Sounded like a...

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