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04 Jun On the minds of Boards

The second survey of Board Directors was just issued. The survey is conducted by Eisner Amper, audit, tax and business advisory professionals. They used their database and NACD's Directorship magazine's subscriber list of corporate directors. The survey reports on the opinions of 142 directors representing...

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28 Jan Executive Conferencing

It is now the end of the week and I promised to mention something about the other half of our results on executive top-tier conferences, especially as the World Economic Forum is happening this week. Nearly three out of 10 industry-leading CEOs spoke at one...

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25 Jan Where are the most powerful women speaking?

 Yesterday we released our analysis on where industry-leading CEOs and the most powerful women in business invested their time speaking in 2010. Reputations can be shaped at such top-tier events and company stories can travel the world, if properly socialized. We used to depend on...

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31 Oct CEOs at the Podium and Reputations at War

First things first. I thought I should mention that an article I wrote on how companies are responding to online antagonists is appearing in the December issue of Harvard Business Review. The article, Reputation Warfare,  identifies six strategies for managing reputation in an informational age. I...

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