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20 Apr Is reputation the new sustainability?

Lately I have been wondering if reputation is going the way of sustainability. Years ago, sustainability and corporate social responsibility was on everyone's agendas in corporate American and around the world. It was hard to distinguish what was the difference between corporate social responsibility, corporate...

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06 Mar If Consumers Care, Investors Follow

CEOs get the importance of corporate responsibility. At the recent Board of Boards CEO Conference in New York where heavyweight CEOs from around the world meet annually, the discussion on doing well by doing good was front and center. In an article on that meeting in...

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04 May Integrated Reporting

   Anglo Platinum produced its first fully integrated single volume annual report this year.  Here is the link. A friend of mine sent me this information because of my interest in "integrated reporting" where financial and non-financial information are unified into One Report. That is...

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23 Oct CEOs as Corporate Citizen Chiefs

Interested in building and protecting your corporate reputation? Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship , along with support from The Hitachi Foundation , issued its fourth 2009 State of Corporate Citizenship report. The report  provides valuable insights from nearly 800 U.S. senior executives about their...

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25 Apr Corporate Responsibility Survives and What to Do about CSR in China

   Good news. Corporate responsibility makes it through the recession. Hurrah. An article in the Financial Times by Michael Skapinker supports his argument by citing that despite the recession where people are cutting down on premium foods, only about 10% have cut back on ethical...

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