24 Jan Reputation of a Noble (Nobel) Prize

"For reputation is a funny thing. Scandal can destroy it overnight, of course, and the foundation’s trustees might fairly argue that their cautious approach has avoided that fate. But reputation can also slip away, unnoticed, as the world’s attention shifts elsewhere." This was a closing quote...

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22 Oct Telling your CEO story your way

Heard about this site that Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina launched. It is titled FromSecretarytoCEO. It is one way to control your narrative. She uses quotes from prior jobs and media coverage to persuade visitors that she has the chops to run the nation. And she...

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07 Sep CEO Joins Facebook

Big news this past week when CEO Mary Barra of GM started a Facebook page (see above). Great to see her communicating via social. What I liked best however was the picture of her with volunteers to a GM program (see below). It could not...

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