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07 Sep CEO Joins Facebook

Big news this past week when CEO Mary Barra of GM started a Facebook page (see above). Great to see her communicating via social. What I liked best however was the picture of her with volunteers to a GM program (see below). It could not...

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05 Apr How management impacts recovery in mass fatality disasters

Like many people, I've been following the Lufthansa crisis non-stop as more information continues to surface. A recent article in Quartz on the horrific tragedy reminded me of the excellent work that comes out of Oxford Metrica, an analytics and advisory firm on reputational issues. I...

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11 Dec Connecting with Employees

There’s been a movement towards employee “pulse” surveys where the temperature of the workforce can be assessed quickly for leadership. Instead of waiting for the annual survey of employee satisfaction, leaders can get a quickie on how employees are feeling about the company and their...

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