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29 Nov Page One

I judge my own reputation oftentimes by where my work on reputation shows up in Google. As we say, Google is not a search engine but a reputation management system. As the holiday weekend is ending, I thought I would spend a few moments typing...

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01 Apr The Great Workplace Era Has Arrived

The Great Place to Work Institute has officially declared the arrival of the Great Workplace Era. Their research director, Ed Frauenheim, wrote about it in Workforce and I’m all ears if it is true. As they see it, “Increasingly, workplaces will make the world better...

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13 Feb How the Public’s Vote Counts in CEO Reputation

The Reputation Institute (RI) has built an entire franchise around how the reputation of the world's largest companies are perceived by consumers around the world. When RI was asked to take a look at the CEOs ranked by Harvard Business Review for providing the greatest contribution to...

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