early warning signs


24 Jan Reputation of a Noble (Nobel) Prize

"For reputation is a funny thing. Scandal can destroy it overnight, of course, and the foundation’s trustees might fairly argue that their cautious approach has avoided that fate. But reputation can also slip away, unnoticed, as the world’s attention shifts elsewhere." This was a closing quote...

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27 Oct Interesting Reputation Sidebars

Just a few bullets that caught my eye over the past few weeks on the topic of reputation.In a wickedly well-written and snarky article in The Economist on CEOs living in glass houses (no kidding), especially in this new social world, a few things stood...

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22 Jul reputation exposed

Reputation matters and has grown in importance to companies and their leaders. In a recent article in ABA Banking Journal on the banking industry's reputation, the topic of intangibles came up that I thought was worth emphasizing. Years ago, investors only cared about financial performance but...

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31 May Reputation-driven bonuses

How is this for a headline from Bloomberg: Goldman Sachs Links Bonuses to Protecting Firm Reputation. I like it. Apparently Goldman Sachs is reviewing employees’ efforts annually to protect its reputation and build back clients’ trust. Makes total sense to me as a reputation observer.In...

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22 Apr What the Pulitzers have to do with reputation

Last week I came across something that stopped me in my tracks. Actually I was going nowhere because I was on the subway but it struck me (and I shuddered) that I had a moment of insight into a news story that had tremendous implications for...

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12 Apr Plan to recover reputation

I was eager to read JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon's Letter to Shareholders this year. Considering the London Whale episode of the past year, I thought his Letter would be revealing. He clearly did not skirt the issue. I cut and paste some quotes below...

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