15 Nov Company behind the brand matters

Came across an illuminating research report by Stanford Business School, Trust and Consequences: A Survey of Berkshire Hathaway Operating Managers, by David Larcker and Brian Tayan. They surveyed the CEOs of approximately 80 Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries. It's an ingenious idea because how often have business people...

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27 Sep CEOs committing to digital’s promise

In a new McKinsey executive report, turns out that CEOs are most often mentioned as standing behind the digital revolutions in their companies. And over the three years of the study, CEO sponsorship of digital platforms increased whereas engagement and involvement among other C-Level titles went mostly nowhere. Board members...

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15 Sep Where CEO mentions in press releases get you

I have been meaning to write about some compelling research that came out of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business by Elizabeth Blankespoor and Ed deHaan. The title of their research captures the question they explored which is—CEO Visibility: Are Media Stars Born or Made?...

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