Strong Brands + Culture = Reputation

Fortune-Most-Admired-graphicI have been quoting Geoff Colvin from Fortune for years. He has a great way of saying what is important in reputations. Today, the Most Admired Companies survey is out and I quote him: "So a critical question for business leaders now is how to manage in that environment -- specifically, what must be managed for change, and what must be managed for continuity, if we're to be admired in 30 years? The answer seems clear. Products, services, and strategies must be managed for change, faster all the time. Their life expectancies are shrinking. Brand and culture must be managed for continuity. Look at the three old-timers on today's list...They possess arguably the strongest brands on earth, and all have titanium-strength cultures."

He is so right....strong brands and culture and of course, leadership (goes without saying) make for the best reputations.

I love this list!