Worth a share

boardYears ago I met Michael Fertik, CEO of reputation.com. He emailed me as CEO of reputationdefender.com as he was building his business and probably figured I was worth meeting. I was delighted to meet this young Internet entrepreneur because we shared the same passion for reputation management and particularly for the evolving state of online reputation management. Now Michael is a reputation rock star and I enjoy watching how his start up has grown into a full-fledged service for individuals and businesses. Additionally, Michael's stance on privacy issues and the need for privacy vaults where we store our own personal data is critically important for our futures. He's worth keeping on your radar.  All of this is by way of saying that I was interviewed for reputation.com and I thought it was worth sharing with you here.

I was recently thinking about this interview because of my comments on the amount of attention being paid to the customer and how I sometimes think that the importance of the customer is being neglected by the focus on all the new bells and whistles and whizbang of the Internet. The channels are indeed exciting but the ultimate aim is to attract a customer and build a unsurpassable customer experience. This was highlighted to me in a recent Forrester study on the rise of the Chief Customer Officer. We actually need these senior officers more than ever to hone in on every company's center of gravity -- the customer. These CCOs need to create end-to-end accountability for customer experiences, design customer experiences that transform how a company operates and delivers value to its customers and shift the culture to a customer-centric one. Reputation loss will be less severe if the customer is at the heart of the organization and at the CEO's side.