Yawn-inducing CEOs


The pendulum is always swinging when it comes to CEO reputation. All of a sudden, there's more frequent discussion about empathy, humility and the softer side of things. I have mentioned this trend a few times already. Today there's an article in the WSJ about a new crop of boring CEOs in the financial sector. Boring with a small "b." Underneath it all is the desire for boards to hire CEOs that sport no controversy by how they behave. These boring CEOs don't necessarily command big bonuses (one CEO refused bonuses til 2015). They give eye-rolling, yawn-inducing presentations, focus on words such as integrity and stewardship, work well with regulators and are employee motivators behind the scenes.I bet that they also focus primarily on their company reputation and less on their own reputation.  I liked the example given of how one CEO had to play CEO-for-the-day as a final test. "The candidate had to give a webcast presentation and get ambushed by actors dressed as television journalists, among other tests." The article ended with a warning of what we can expect from our future CEOs: "Boring is the new black." I give it three years and we'll be back to the charismatic CEO winning the day. Maybe not.