What Employees Need to Know

employeesJust read Gallup's new State of the American Workplace study which is about employee engagement. Several findings jumped out at me in terms of reputation. Gallup found that approximately 30% of employees are engaged while the remainder (70%) is actively disengaged or just not engaged. When you think about getting your employees to "live the brand or reputation," companies are limited as to what they can do when the majority of their workforce is basically not present. Another revealing finding focused on how well employees really understand their brand's being. Only 41% felt that they know what their company stands for and what makes it different from competitors. Thus, 59% are fairly clueless despite all the communications directed at them on vision, mission and values. Fairly disturbing when you think about how harnessing that knowledge could boost reputation. And imagine what happens when an employee who does not understand what the company is about collides with a customer. Not a good picture. Not good for reputation-building. The solution is for leaders to do a better job of making sense of what employees are doing from 9 to 5.