The company behind the brand

Johnson & Johnson has launched a new corporate brand campaign. As I've mentioned here before and based on our research, corporate reputations are becoming increasingly important in this see-thru world. Weber Shandwick's research, The Company behind the Brand: In Reputation We Trust, found that 87% of executives think that the corporate brand is as important as the product brand. And 70% of consumers will turn away from a brand if they do not like the company behind the brand. Our research also found that 86% of executives were increasing their efforts to build reputation. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for J&J to rethink what their overall reputation stands for and reconnect with consumers, health professionals and other key stakeholders as trust in companies declines and it is harder to stand out than ever before. Michael Sneed, the head of global corporate affairs told Forbes,  “The reputation of J&J is very important to us. We take it very seriously. We have a lot of data that we look at, both externally and internally. I wouldn’t say there was any one thing that precipitated [the campaign], and we certainly don’t do these things just for rankings. Reputation is something that’s born out of actions. The reputation is a reflection of people’s perspective on the actions that we do take.”

The new campaign is based on "for all you love, Johnson & Johnson."  Again, the company choose to focus on who they are, what they stand for and why consumers should invest in them both emotionally and selectively when there is an abundance of choice today. Sneed mentions that they want to participate in the great social media conversation that is happening today. A new campaign such as this makes it easier to say who they are when people's attention spans are fleeting. Interestingly, the tag line is only about 35 characters so it should travel well in the twitterverse as well.