August 2012

25 Aug A Reputation Recovery Campaign

Years ago when I wrote my book on reputation recovery, I told how disgraced Tyco International waited until they had proved themselves before launching a new advertising campaign. I wrote: “When it was time to formally declare that the recovery process was officially in place, new...

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08 Aug Timing is Everything in Reputation

Timing is everything when it comes to reputation. There are several articles today about how London's reputation for financial integrity has been damaged by recent events in their banking system. What's more interesting to me besides the three banks whose reputations have been undercut for...

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04 Aug Protecting Reputation in Peace Time

Some good points on how to protect reputation from Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The article reminded me of the piece I wrote for HBR, Reputation Warfare. My article made the point that companies no longer have to just sit there as their reputations get pummeled. There are strategies...

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