June 2011


21 Jun Getting the GC and CCO to the Same Table/Same Page

  Lawyers and communications specialists seem at times to inhabit entirely different worlds.  This is something that I've often thought about but has received little attention in the public relations and legal counsels' worlds. So it's time to think about this new trend in reputation managment that...

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06 Jun Stumbling through Business School

Totally agree. Just read an article about teaching reputation management in business schools. I gather it is not happening. Actually, this topic has been circulating for as many years as I have been in the field of reputation management. How is it possible that nothing has...

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04 Jun On the minds of Boards

The second survey of Board Directors was just issued. The survey is conducted by Eisner Amper, audit, tax and business advisory professionals. They used their database and NACD's Directorship magazine's subscriber list of corporate directors. The survey reports on the opinions of 142 directors representing...

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