March 2010

13 Mar Reputation Repair for the Four Legged

  Everyone and everything seems to have to worry about their reputation these days. The Seattle Humane Society is working on managing the reputation of pit bulls…the dogs that have a nasty reputation although are apparently wonderful family dogs. The Humane Society has a $50,000...

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08 Mar One Report, Imagine That

“Integrated reporting is now the holy grail in corporate public disclosure,” says John Elkington, co-founder, SustainAbility. Well, the time has arrived for corporate reporting that integrates financial performance and non-financial information such as environmental, social and governance issues. Integrated reporting is the subject of Harvard...

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07 Mar Awards Mania

  Rankings are moving up in this world. I noticed the statement from Fortune in their recent announcement on the World's Most Admired that they received their best response rate in history. Hmmmm.  After years of falling response rates, what's the deal here? And this week my...

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