November 2008

22 Nov Korea’s Reputation–The Little Things

Noticed two very interesting things in Seoul, South Korea this week while visiting. They both impressed me and enhanced Korea’s reputation in my mind.  First, as I was going through immigration to have my passport reviewed, I noticed the little counter where people sometimes have...

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16 Nov Brand China

On my second trip to Beijing this year, I come away again with admiration and awe at brand China. In fact, in a speech I gave at a conference, I commented on the rise of brand China and the ascendency of brand Obama. The two...

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06 Nov Monthly Reputations

Some days are just better than others. Most everyone says that Mondays have a bad reputation. Same goes for months of the year. Some months have better reputations than others. June July and August are almost always good in my book. However, if we had...

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04 Nov Soft Power Reputation

If Obama wins the U.S. presidency, it will confirm that the era of “soft power” leadership has arrived. The notion of soft power was first posited by former Harvard Kennedy School dean Josephy Nye Jr.  Soft power is the power to attract (legions of Obama...

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02 Nov Reputation Deficit

I am totally overwhelmed by information today. I imagine everyone feels that way. Therefore I was fascinated to read an article on multitasking that made me understand why I feel as if I had recently caught attention deficit syndrome. And how can I advise companies...

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