September 2008


20 Sep Infosmog

There is so much to absorb in the news today. I am thinking eitherabout the financial industry meltdown, the leadership vacuum in Washington (how could the president wait 3-4 days to say something about Wall Street and Main Street imploding!), brands Obama and McCain, and...

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12 Sep List Happy

Reputations are built quickly or given a nice boost when companies or CEOs make preferred lists.  And there are plenty of lists that have come out lately.  I just picked up Barron’s The World’s Most Respected Companies” for 2008 in the airport.  This is an...

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09 Sep Wordle Reputation

Here is a new wonderful design program that anyone can use. It is called wordle and it can visually represent your words and messages. I went to my blog and clicked on the create button on wordle and whoa...

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06 Sep Loving Kerviel

 The Societe Generale scandal where rogue trader Jerome Kerviel  lost billions for the firm continues to amaze me. Not only because of the 75 red flags or warnings that the company had before the scandalous affair was revealed. What interests me is how Kerivel has...

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