February 2008

19 Feb Reputation Samaritans and Assassins

My recent post was about the use of nautical terms (describing the economy) and health terms (describing reputation recovery) to describe events. In many Google alerts, I receive and articles I read,  I have noticed that when it comes to online reputation management (ORM), there...

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13 Feb Navigational and Reputation Terms

The Wall Street Journal had a clever article this week about how companies are increasingly using navigational terms to explain the challenges they are facing in this uncertain economy. Company spokespeople are fast using terms such as headwinds, tacking, winds of change, tailwinds, rough seas...

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05 Feb What Makes A Company So Great?

I was reading through the many reasons that Fortune gives for why it chooses its 100 Best Places to Work For in its recent issue (February 4, 2008). In addition to the company ranking, number of employees, job growth, job number of applicants, average annual pay,...

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