December 2007

31 Dec Boards of Directors & Reputation

The conference board just issued a new report titled "Reputation Risk: A Corporate Governance Perspective." The report confirms that corporate reputation can create or destroy shareholder value and warns of the increase evidence of reputational failures. Input for the report was received at a Corporate/Investor...

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15 Dec The Power of Lists

I enjoyed reading Time's feature on Top 10 Everythings This Year while on a long flight back from the West Coast yesterday. Although some were silly (top 10 T-shirt worthy phrases), most were fun. At the end of the issue, an essay by James Poniewozik...

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07 Dec Reputation Tidbits

I have always thought that the movie industry would turn its lenses on companies and their practices. I have also always thought that it would become its own genre (which it has). Michael Moore certainly was a driver behind this new communications channel on corporate...

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