July 2007


28 Jul Corporate Reputation Management is Hot

Paul Holmes, author of The Holmes Report, recently wrote about the global pr agency business. It appeared in his July 23rd issue. The report was a roundup on how the pr business was faring and prognosis for the future. Luckily for those of us in...

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23 Jul When The End is Near — CEO Exit Strategies

An article appeared in Global Business News Online on Rollercoaster Reputations. The main point of the article is that CEOs should take their careers into their own hands. The authors report that CEOs initially enjoy a honeymoon period but the freedom ride is soon followed...

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19 Jul Apology Please

Although I am on vacation (technically), I cannot keep myself away from recent CEO events. I have been following the Whole Foods' CEO John Mackey episode with great interest. As you probably heard by now, he was discovered to have been posting on a discussion...

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13 Jul Pharmaceutical Industry Beware

A friend of mine emailed me at the start of this week about a cnn.com article on how prescription drugs are the new campus marijuana or weed. Since former vice president Al Gore's son Al Gore III was caught driving over the speed limit with...

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08 Jul The Importance of Being CEO

Portfolio.com has an interesting interview with Ogilvy & Mather's CEO, Shelly Lazarus. She has been CEO of the much admired advertising/marketing firm since 1996. That's a long time in CEO history. The question about whether CEO reputation matters was posed to her and she replied:...

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06 Jul Reputation Foodies

We all feast on reputation coverage and the recent article in BusinessWeek, "What Price Reputation?" by Pete Engardio and Michael Arndt was filling. I knew about the article since Pete Engardio had called me weeks earlier. Congrats to all those quoted and particularly to my...

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04 Jul Smoldering Crises

The recent Institute for Crisis Management report on 2006's business crises found that when leaders think of crises, they think of a fiery explosion, plane crash or natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina. Instead, the ICM fround that "smoldering" crises are the ones that take...

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