April 2007


29 Apr Quote of the Week

It has been a very busy week for many reasons, some business and some personal. I have not written in a few days and feel guilty. Therefore I will fill this blank post with a quote that I have saved for moments like this. I...

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21 Apr Board Rep

Corporate governance perceptions continue to rise as a prime factor in market valuation. A recent study found that there is a significant correlation between corporate governance and equity performance. The survey by Dr. Olaf Weber, CEO of GOE(Gesellschaft fur Organization & Entscheidung), is one...

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15 Apr Reputation Quote of the Week

"What price do you put on your reputation? And the reputation of the news division means more to me than advertising dollars. Because if you lose your reputation, you lose everything." Spoken by president of NBC News Steve Capus. Well said. Looks like Imus' reputation...

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11 Apr Fear of Publicity

I think I am a little late (January 2007) on an interesting McKinsey article in their online journal. The article titled "CEOs as Public Lead roers" is about the greater role that CEOs are playing in sociopolitical issues of the day. I was particularly...

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07 Apr Blue Ribbon Companies

There is another list worth noting as listmania continues proliferating. This one is titled Blue Ribbon Companies. It includes those companies that most often made the Fortune, Business 2.0 and FSB (Fortune Small Business) lists, including the Fortune 500, Fastest-Growing and Best Companies to...

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05 Apr Ethical Reputation

The Ethical Index is out. It is a survey among 1,000 UK consumers about the ethical reputation of 50 companies. The survey is conducted by The Fraser Consultancy and this is the second year that they have done it. Karen Fraser writes that nearly 50%...

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02 Apr Executive Reputation

If there was any doubt that executive reputation matters, take a look at what happened to SAP when Shai Agassi surprisedly resigned. SAP's stock declined 24 percent upon the news. Apparently Agassi, head of SAP's software products, did not want to wait for current CEO...

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