February 2007


28 Feb Reputation Radar

We issued more information today from our Safeguarding Reputation survey. The new release is about the triggers that cause reputation damage today. Guess who gets the blame? None other than my friend, the CEO. Global business executives assign nearly 60 percent of the blame to...

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26 Feb Language of Leadership…Onward

What a week for amazing CEO/Chairman statements -- we had David Neeleman's Jet Blue apology and now Starbucks' chairman Howard Schultz's memo to the troops about the commodization of the brand. The language of leadership is apparent in Schultz's memo. He writes with great clarity...

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23 Feb Despised Most Admired Companies

My boss sent me a copy of a piece in O'Dwyer's which is a trade newsletter for the pr trade. I read it avidly because it was about the granddaddy of all reputation scorecards, Fortune's Most Admired Companies survey. [By the way, we should...

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18 Feb No Reputation Risk in 1990

We are working on another executive summary from our Safeguarding Reputation series. This time around we will be revealing results on triggers of reputation failure and the risks that companies should be prepared for. As part of our research, we conducted a simple search...

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07 Feb Reputation Protection

I received a terrific paper titled "Building and Protecting Corporate Reputation," that was written by Peter Firestein, president of reputation risk consultancy Global Strategic Communications. The article appeared in Strategy & Leadership in 2006. Peter writes about the changing business landscape that is impacting reputation...

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05 Feb Founder Reputation

The New York Times had an article on Michael Dell's comeback as CEO at Dell. The former Dell CEO Kevin Rollins resigned after poor financial performance and style. I was surprised to learn that Rollins was aloof and difficult to work with. I recall...

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01 Feb WSJ Best & Worst Reputations

Hope everyone tuned into today's Wall Street Journal's annual survey with Harris Interactive on the best and worst reputations. Ron Alsop wrote the article, as he does every year. I totally agree with his reasoning as to why Microsoft came out on top with...

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