January 2007


26 Jan What a Week for Reputation

We have been very busy in reputation-land. Our global 500 CEO Departures study was featured in the Financial Times with a sidebar and chart. Interest seems quite strong which makes me think once again that there is an insatiable appetite for CEO news and...

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22 Jan Reputation Risk

Robert Eccles, Scott Newquist and Roland Schatz have written a terrific article on Reputation and its Risks. For all those reputation junkies, this article is a must read and appears in next month's Havard Business Review. I recently met Bob. He is a partner in a...

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21 Jan An “A” for BP’s Transition

We all know all about the Baker report on BP's safety culture and the early retirement of CEO John Browne. As the expression goes, you would have to be under a rock to have missed the headlines. According to Google, there were nearly two...

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18 Jan The Reputation Tribe Grows by One (+1)

Been traveling in Europe this week and have lots to report back on. However, I wanted to mention that I met another member of the small club of company officers with reputation in their titles. I was part of a presentation today on Safeguarding...

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14 Jan CEO Departures Kick Off 2007

The first two weeks of 2007 have certainly hit home that big-time CEOs are no safer than most of us. Home Depot's CEO ouster last week started off the new year with a bang and this week closed with the earlier than early retirement...

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10 Jan Best Places to Work?????

I took a stroll through the comments listed on Fortune's Best Places to Work blog. Definitely a host of people not agreeing with the companies that made the top 100 list. I certainly would not want to be a company with an employee posting...

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07 Jan CEO Homesteads

I was very surprised by one thing during the feverish coverage last week of CEO Nardelli's ouster from Home Depot. As the media reports, one of the main reasons Nardelli was asked to leave was his unwillingness to reduce his compensation package. Surprisingly, there...

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05 Jan Home Depot CEO Toppled

Pretty amazing news that Home Depot's CEO Bob Nardelli lost his job. Although there has been much media coverage about his high compensation package and alleged arrogance, what struck me is the size and stature of the home retailer. Home Depot is #14 on...

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02 Jan Issue of the Decade

I was sent a report on intangible assets (customer loyalty, know-how, talent, patents, innovativeness, leadership, reputation, ideas, etc.) that I highly recommend. The report is written by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and underscores the importance of intangible assets in the 21st century. Because reputation...

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