November 2006


29 Nov Reputable Business People

How influential are business people? Well not so influential. Atlantic Monthly just came out with their Top 100 most influential figures in American history. Since the list is compiled by a panel of historians, no surprise that past presidents, inventors, architects, sports figures, entrepreneurs,...

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26 Nov Reputation at Stake in Cheese Wars

Came across an alert about the troubled reputation of feta cheese on HomeboyMedianews . As I have mentioned previously in this blog, reputation issues are now universal. After many years of negotiations, the European Commission awarded Greece the rights to the feta name. To my...

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22 Nov The World’s Most Reputable Companies

Forbes just covered The Reputation Institute's newest survey on the world's most reputable companies among 30,000 consumers. Consumers rated their most respected companies in their own countries. Forbes' Hannah Clark wrote: "'Reputation' has become a watchword in the corporate world, and safeguarding a company's image...

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17 Nov Navigating the Seas of Reputation Recovery

A substantial majority of global business executives (79 percent) believe that companies with strong corporate responsibility track records recover their reputations faster after crisis than those with weaker records. The finding comes from our survey, Safeguarding Reputation, that was conducted in 11 markets worldwide....

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17 Nov Tick Tock

Have started seeing a few blogs mention that Dell CEO Kevin Rollins' head is about to roll. The drumbeat for someone to blame for Dell's slippage usually begins a few months before reality hits. The problems at Dell have been exasperated by HP's terrific quarterly...

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15 Nov Repu-pedia

I have frequently mentioned how much I enjoy collecting different phrases containing the word "reputation." My hope is to one day start my own repu-pedia. Some of the fun terms I have come across recently are reputation assassins and reputation blindness. This week I stumbled...

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12 Nov Fallen Angel

I think about BP nearly every day. The simple reason is that BP's once-revered reputation is at stake. The Chemical Safety Board released its results last week: "What BP experienced was a perfect storm where ageing infrastructure, overzealous cost-cutting, inadequate design and risk blindness all...

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10 Nov Search and Destroy

There is a new service available for those worried about their reputation and that of their family. If you are worried about personal information out there about you, your child or your professional reputation, go to Reputation Defender. I first heard about it in...

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08 Nov ReputationRx Is Live

We just launched our new reputation management Web site – reputationRx ( This new site houses the latest news, research findings, insights, best practices and commentary on how to build and safeguard CEO and corporate reputation. It is also the newest addition to the thought...

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05 Nov The Reputation Club Expands

I have previously written about the handful of people with "reputation" in their titles, including yours truly. This mini- or should I say micro-club has just learned about a new member. SABMiller plc, the leading global brewer, announced the appointment of a Head of Reputation and...

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